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Welcome to Tru Cafe, where we are true to quality, true to the environment, and true to our community.

We believe that your food should contain actual food. That’s why we use real unprocessed raw ingredients that come from farms, not factories. We do not use fillers, high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, or artificial flavoring. Our focus is on nutrition, quality, and flavor. We source local and organic where possible and believe in animal welfare and nose-to-tail cooking. You’ll taste the quality of our ingredients in every bite.

At Tru Cafe, we are also true to the environment. We strive to protect our planet by sourcing local ingredients where possible, minimizing the carbon cost of transporting food. We encourage you to join us in our effort to reduce waste by using our glass wares or mason jars instead of disposable cups. We strive to use as little plastic as possible in all areas of our cafe.

Lastly, we are true to our community. We believe in supporting community initiatives and creating a space that is welcoming to all. Talk to us about using our rooftop deck for a fundraiser or scheduling an event in our shop. We believe that good food, healthy living, and community are the pillars of a long and fulfilling life. Living a Blue Zone lifestyle, which emphasizes good food, staying active, and having strong social bonds, can lead to better health and happiness. At Tru Cafe, we provide a space where this is possible in a world that is often too processed, too sedentary, and too disconnected.

Join us at Tru Cafe, where we are true to quality, true to the environment, and true to our community.


It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best coffee in town and a place to build relationships. We believe in being true: real people, real ingredients, and real connections are what make life worth living.

Angela & Clinton (Owners)

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Devan Christodoulou
Devan Christodoulou
Best coffee and gelato in town. Highly recommend for anyone. Pop in and grab a coffee before you hit up some shopping on Granville island, or stay and warm up and read a book. Great food, great service!
Kamu art
Kamu art
Love the spot, love the early hours, love the decor and cleanliness! And now they’ve gotten chairs that are even more comfortable. Good coffee and service. Delicious fresh pastries and sandwiches.
Josi Victoria Martin
Josi Victoria Martin
Love this place - the staff, the coffee, the gelato, the ambience and now the sandwiches. Just tried their Ultra Veggie Sandwich and it was great. Sautéed veggies wrapped with a Serbian bread, was delicious. Perfect size so I was sated but not stuffed. They have been redoing their menu and have a wide array of new yummy options. (Original review below) Tru Cafe has taken a lovely once Starbucks and improved it wonderfully (besides way better coffee). The interior is stylish and airy, full of wonderful scents. The staff is friendly and kind. I didn’t have anything to eat but it all looks yummy! Hit it before Granville island as it’s right at the entrance.
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